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Searching for the best binary options broker can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start or how to steer clear of the scams. We have conducted a lot of research on binary options brokers and have chosen two of the very best of the websites which impressed us the most in terms of features, accessibility, and customer service.

Below you'll find a toplist of the best binary options brokers that we created after evaluating multiple criteria that included aspects such as the quality of services, past history of the broker, number of assets available, types of contracts offered, legality of services and much more.

HighLow offers strong returns ranging upwards from 85%. They offer some the highest payouts of FX pair trading of any of the legit binary brokers. A fully functioning demo trading account is available without even making a deposit. They offer options as fast as 30 seconds. HighLow has a strong reputation and it is easy to see where it comes from.

IQ Options offers strong returns ranging upwards from 50 - 90% depending on the time of day that you are trading.  A fully functioning demo trading account is available without even making a deposit. Various types of binary options are included such as High/Low, Range, and One Touch/No Touch options. They offer options as fast as 30 seconds. IQ Options has a strong reputation and it is easy to see where it comes from.

USA Binary Options Brokers

Looking for the best binary options brokers that serve US customers? You may already have discovered that many brokers refuse to accept customers from the USA. This may lead you to believe that binary options trading is illegal in the US, but this is not correct. It is perfectly legal to trade binary options in the USA. Most binary options brokers are located offshore.

Click the picture below to open your trading account with Porter Finance. They accept traders from everywhere. (USA also)

Fact: There are not many binary options brokers online who accept customers in the USA.

The next thing many traders ask themselves is if they are doing any illegal trading binary options online. While we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice of any kind, you are not breaking any laws by trading binary options online unless there is something specific based on where you live. With that broad generalization out of the way, lets take a look at a few of the USA regulatory and licensing authorities at the Federal level.

Officially Regulated Binary Options Websites in the USA – Legality – Licenses – Regulations

NYSE, NADEX, CBOE And Other Legal Regulated Trading Exchanges

First off, before we start talking about offshore brokers, let us clear up the matter of whether trading binary options in the US is legal at all.Not only is it legal, but there are actually several officially regulated binary options sites which are operated by exchanges located in the USA. They were approved beginning in 2007-2008 by the Options Clearing Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission. These legally regulated websites include the American Stock Exchange (Amex), the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). So that right there clears up the muddy question of whether trading binary options is legal in the USA at all. It is.


If you are getting into trading, one government agency you should know about is the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC. The CFTC works closely with the National Futures Association (NFA) to regulate trading activities. At this point in time however you are not going to find any offshore brokers who are regulated with the CFTC. There are brokers who are working on becoming regulated with the CFTC, but right now regulations are simply not all that clearly defined, and since the groundwork is still being laid, most offshore brokers are not regulated in the US or any other country as binary options brokers.

That said, some offshore brokers are regulated in their respective countries, but generally under laws which govern other types of financial entities, such as casinos or private banks. This provides a level of protection, even though it is not specific to trading activities. If an offshore broker claims it is regulated with the CFTC, you should be very suspicious. In time, some of these claims may be factual, but right now, they are not.

You can search for any business in the directory on the CFTC website and confirm for yourself whether or not that business is regulated by the CFTC. Brokers that dodge questions about regulations usually are not regulated at all. There is really no reason not to be up-front about it, since it does not by itself indicate a lack of good faith. So if a broker refuses to answer your questions about regulation, you should probably avoid them, since they may be feeling guilty about the way they’ve been treating their customers. If a broker admits to you upfront that they are not regulated, that actually indicates more trustworthiness since it is honest and forthright.

Why Do Offshore Binary Brokers Avoid USA Customers?

As time progresses in the young years of the binary options market, some legit brokers are no longer accepting USA clients. I’m talking specifically about sites like Banc De Binary, which left the US market in January of 2013. They were subsequently sued in June of the same year by the CFTC for soliciting US clients. Other long time stalwart broker, 24option.com stopped accepting US traffic in June of 2013. Why do so many brokers refuse to offer their services to customers trading in the USA if trading binary options is legal for USA traders? The reason has to do with a specific CFTC statement concerning commodity options. The wording is a bit confusing, and some brokers just prefer to steer clear so they do not make a mistake and upset the CFTC:

“It is against the law to solicit U.S. persons to buy and sell commodity options, even if
they are called ‘prediction’ contracts, unless they are listed for trading and traded on a
CFTC-registered exchange or unless legally exempt.”

What can you gather from this? Basically, a company (offshore or otherwise) must either be registered with the CFTC or that company may not allow you to trade commodity options—in other words, currencies and commodities. This is why you will notice that the majority of offshore brokers which do accept USA customers will only allow you to trade stocks and indices (think StockPair.com).

The brokers listed above have proved themselves to be reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. If you begin your search with the brokers we have listed at Elite Trading, you will be able to avoid the scams and enjoy great features and service from an offshore broker. 

Enjoy binary options trading in the USA!

How do Binary Options Brokers Function?

As explained in the intro above, financial trading brokers are financial service providers that are specialized on digital option trading. These companies offer trading services to both end-user and institutional clients. At these brokers, traders will have the possibility to predict the movement of certain markets and assets and based on the prediction earn money.

Binary trading companies offer trading possibilities on various assets such as forex currency pairs, commodities, rare earths, stocks of various companies, major indices and much more. Traders are able to bet on the movement of these assets over a certain period of time. If their prediction will turn out to be accurate by the time of the expiry of their option, they will win.

In binary options trading everything happens in real time. For example, if someone trades on the stocks of Microsoft, then he or she will be trading on the movement of the company’s stock prices in real time. Every movement regarding an asset shown in a broker’s trading interface happens in real time.

How do Binary Options Brokers Make Profits?

Financial trading brokers generate an income from the losing trades carried out by traders. Even experienced traders will from time to time place bets that will turn out to be wrong. In this cases, the broker will generate income. However, brokers’ task is to make sure that the sum total of money lost by traders is always larger than the sum total of money won.

There are basically two ways that will make sure that service providers will be able to generate profits.

1.Through payout rates

As you know, in binary trading the money you’ll win after a successful bet will depend on the payout rate promised for a given option. For example, if the promised payout rate is 80% and you place a winning bet of $100, then your revenue will be $100 (the bet) + $80 (the bet multiplied by the payout rate). However, if you lose, you’ll lose all the $100.

So basically a broker usually rarely offers payout rates over 100% (matching the initial bet). This means that the broker will always have a small % advantage over traders collectively. Even if a large number of traders win, there are still going to be traders who will lose.

Let’s imagine a scenario in which 50% of traders win and 50% lose. If the payout rates would be 100% (and assuming every trader would place the same number of bets with the same amount) the broker would neither win or lose anything.

However, if the company only offers a payout rate of 80%, then even though 50% of traders lost and 50% won, the trader will still generate profits. Contrary to popular belief, binary options brokers only have a very small profit margin, however this margin is compensated by the large number of traders and the large number of trades placed.

2.By counting on recreational traders

A surprisingly large number of traders only trade binary options for excitement and fun. These traders obviously do care if they manage to generate revenue but this is not their primary goal. Usually it’s these traders that lose most often since they don’t take the necessary time to evaluate the markets and rules of options trading.

Trading service providers count on these types of traders to compensate for the money won by successful traders. An optimal binary betting ecosystem is when the broker makes profits, serious traders earn revenue for themselves and recreational players enjoy financial trading without caring about the money won or lost.

Finding the Best Binary Options Brokers

There are a large number of brokers operational on the market already and most of them offer distinct services and are run by all kinds of different companies. For new and inexperienced traders it can be a bit hard to find the best providers of these kind of services. Below we compiled a list of criteria we use to check when reviewing an options trading broker.

Number of assets provided

As explained above, most financial trading brokers offer a variety of assets consisting of stocks, forex pairs, commodities, indices and some more. However not all brokers offer the same number of assets. There are some brokers that offer as low as only 20 assets and as much as over 200 assets.

The general idea is the that more assets are provided the better. Sure, pretty much all trading companies offer the most common assets such as USD/EUR, the stocks of Apple and similar, however trading only on these popular assets can be extremely boring after a while. Traders should find a broker that offers a lot of lesser known and regional assets as well. This will offer a great strategic depth to online trading.

The online trading software employed

Binary options brokers function on a so-called binary options trading platform. This platform is usually developed by third party companies. Traders should make sure that they register at a broker that uses a highly advanced and user-friendly platform. This way they’ll be able to enjoy trading under the best conditions.

A good trading software also influences the overall quality of the services provided. For example, a poor platform may only provide one type of options trading while other platforms may offer advanced trading possibilities as well such as 60 Seconds Options and more.

Diversity of services provided

Most binary options trading brokers only offer one type of trading which is the high/low or up/down trading type. This is also the simplest trading type but can also quickly become boring if it’s also the only one provided. Traders should make sure that the service provider of their choice offers multiple trading types.

Advanced trading types include One Touch -, Boundary – and 60 Seconds Options. Usually these types of contracts are a bit more risky that classic High/Low Options but usually also provide better payouts and are definitely more exiting.

The trading license employed by the broker

Financial services and options trading cannot be offered by any random company. Legit binary options brokers usually apply for a trading license in a reputable jurisdiction. In exchange of the license, the broker will have to follow a set of rules and regulations that refer to traders’ safety and security as well as the reliability of services provided.

Binary options brokers with a license always offer a safe and secure trading environment for their clients. However there are also rouge companies located in remote islands that operate without a license. It’s absolutely imperative for traders to make sure that the company they register at has a valid license.

High payout rates

Obviously another criteria that has to be evaluated in order to determine the best binary options brokers is the payout rates they provide. The average payout rates offered by financial service providers in the industry is between 65% and 75%. However, some brokers go even further and offer average payout rates as high as even 80% and 85%.

Naturally traders should choose the binary options operators that offer the largest average payout rates. A few number of companies may as well offer payout rates even as high as 400%. This sounds crazy but this is actually something that’s becoming increasingly adopted by many companies these days. However such insanely large payout rates are only offered on a limited number of options.

Deposits and withdrawals

At options trading providers traders will be dealing with real money. As such it’s important to make sure that the chosen broker enables a seamless depositing and withdrawal process. Possibly the most important issue here is to make sure that both the depositing and withdrawal process is carried out under maximum security and safety.

In regards to deposits, the most important issue is that of the number of depositing tools provided. The most important payment tools that should be available at every financial betting broker are credit card deposit, wire transfer deposit and Perfect Money deposit. In regards to withdrawals, the most important issue is the processing time related to payments.

Top of the Best-Quality Service Providers

Based on the things described here you’re now able to do your own research in finding the best binary options broker on the market. However we believe that you’ll end up with the same result as us after a throughout evaluation of most of the trading brokers available these days on the web.

If you’re interested in learning how to win at binary options then we recommend you to read our additional articles and guides as well. This website was created with the intention of teaching traders how to win, so they can become more than just simple recreational users. If you only trade at the best ranked binary options trading brokers and follow some basis steps, then you’ll definitely have a good chance of generating substantial revenues besides having a lot of fun as well.

Its critical to select the very best options broker and platform. Binary options trading can be extremely rewarding to those traders who understand binary options strategies and have the best brokers and are able to make the right choices. Winning binary options soon becomes easier. In fact, by using binary options strategies it’s possible to increase one’s winning ratio and generate substantial profits. Elite Trading wishes you lots of success in your trading.